May 16, 2021

Cadillac says every new model unveiled will be battery powered

The Cadillac Lyriq marks a new era for the brand, with company boss confirming no new petrol-powered models.

Every new Cadillac model will be electric, with the company phasing out petrol-powered vehicles by 2030.

Global Vice President of Cadillac Rory Harvey said from this point forward, the premium American car maker would only be unveiling battery-powered models.

The comments came during the virtual launch of the 2023 Cadillac Lyriq SUV – the brand’s first all-electric vehicle, offering 255kW, 440Nm, and a range of more than 483km from a single charge.

“We will be leaving this decade as an [electric vehicle] brand, as things stand today,” Mr Harvey said during the event.

“Which means we will not be selling [internal combustion engine] vehicles by 2030.”

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