May 16, 2021

Vote for the Drive 2021 BP Ultimate Driver’s Car of the Year

Barely a day passes in the automotive world we don’t hear news about ‘autonomous this’ and ‘assistance that’, and you could be forgiven for thinking that the role of the driver is becoming less relevant than it once was.

While technology is working on making routine driving easier and safer, we can see manufacturers also using technology to make driving more fun.

Track and Drift-Mode drive settings, torque vectoring that works under both power and braking, lightweight, bespoke components and even data logging and reporting functions were, until recently, the world of high-end exotics and purpose-built specials – are now available in affordable and accessible cars.

Pair this with more efficient turbocharged petrol engines that are on the cusp of mild-hybrid enhancements, and we might just be approaching a new golden age of driver enjoyment!

So, jump across to the voting microsite, submit your vote, and we’ll put the top three together in a challenge to find the overall Driver’s Car of the Year.

There are some great prizes to be won, thanks to BP Ultimate, so get voting and we look forward to putting your top-three to the test!

The Drive 2021 Driver’s Car of the Year is proudly supported by BP Ultimate

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