What’s The Best Car Show You Can Watch Right Now?

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Photo: Top Gear America / Motor Trend

It has been quite a long time since I intentionally tuned in to an automotive program that wasn’t produced entirely for YouTube. I used to watch Top Gear and The Grand Tour, naturally, but burned out on those. But with all this time for us to collectively gather new things to watch, why don’t we share?


One of my favorite current regular YouTube uploaders is the Jago Hazzard channel. Some guy walks you around the many histories of the United Kingdom’s railway and underground, and I usually learn some quirky anecdotal history about how society functioned along the way.

But I’m in the mood for some longer-form content, even if it’s on YouTube. Or wherever. If I were to sit in front of a screen to tune in or stream some enthusiast content currently available on broadcast stations, a streaming service or YouTube, what would you suggest?

What old show have you been catching up on? What documentary did you like? How is the latest season of The Grand Tour, Top Gear UK and that new Top Gear America show with Motor Trend? Should I give it a shot? Let me know what you’re watching and we’ll make a big list for everyone.

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