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Just a quick editor’s note: We’ve been hearing reports of login trouble from our dear readers. The people who make the site go were alerted and the issue is being, or possibly has been addressed. Do not panic. Do not send a self addressed stamped envelope containing $50 cash to Jason Torchinsky. Do not ask for a refund, even if you’ve been a reader for 15-odd years.


Now, to pad this post out, here’s some unedited copy from a post I was writing and forgot about:

Proposals to bridge the Bering Strait between Russia and Alaska have existed since the 1800s. It’s 55 miles across. That wouldn’t be the world’s longest bridge, or the second longest or the third or fourth. It would be the fifth longest bridge in the world and it would stand in reasonably shallow water. The weather up there is bad, there are challenges with road building and railroad gauges, but there are solutions.

There have been tunnel proposals too. People who seem like they know say its feasible.

A project like a crossing between Asia and North America, maybe with a bullet train mean for international travel is a big undertaking, and I can’t imagine it would eliminate the need for cargo ships entirely. And of course, a project that big means lots of big diesel engines running, lots of steel being made, lots of concrete, and even if it runs on electricity, that has to come from somewhere, sure, sure.

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